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At Home He's A Tourist.

Gang of photos. Taken from all over the world.

In this Master Photographers film, Ansel Adams is interviewed in-depth about his art, craft, and techniques (via Digital Photography

At Home He’s A Tourist. has become 3 years old!

At Home He’s A Tourist. has become 3 years old!

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TIME Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2013

An absolutely astounding number of pictures are shared every single day — half a billion, and rising. Here are TIME’s picks for the top ten photographs of 2013.

Just like a pro… (Jump to 1:02—

Photo map of my 2013 trip to the UK

Another roadtrip: I went to England and Scotland this summer. A map of my 2013 trip to the UK–created with iMapFlickr.

Enthusiast compact camera 2013 roundup: Digital Photography Review

Stepping up in the compact spectrum are cameras that tend to be aimed at photographers who want full photographic control. Good low-light performance, ability to shoot Raw, and accessible manual controls make these compacts a portable alternative to more bulky DSLRs. In the following pages, you’ll find what we liked and didn’t like about each camera, links to our test scenes to do image quality comparisons, and real-world galleries to give you a sense of how it performs outside the lab.

At Home He’€™s A Tourist –€“ On the Road

My roadtrip postings will be republished in a seperate blog called “On the Road”. Makes it easier to read. Have fun!

Road to Scotland

I’m going to spend my summer vacation in the U.K. this year. My planned route looks like this:

Enlarge Map

Photos will follow in June 2013.

Long time no posting due to technical problems

Not much going on here recently; last time I published a photo on this blog was in January. Here’s why:

Posts to this blog used to be generated in a semi-automated process. A custom PHP script that I wrote looked up new photos in my Flickr stream, added some meta information taken from the photo’s EXIF data (such as date, time, and place the picture was taken, the camera that was used etc.) and queued the blog post to be published on All my PHP script had to do was calling some of the Tumblr API functions. Pretty straightforward.

A few weeks ago, Tumblr changed its authentification process. I’m currently struggling with the new Tumblr API and the OAuth authentification process to make my PHP script work again.

Others might encounter the same problem. Maybe the following links will help:

366: The Year in Photographs 2012

The year 2012 was a cyclone of news. Through the highs and lows, LightBox presents a look back on 2012 through 366 images, picking a photo for each day of the past year (and one for the leap day).